Having waited patiently for our time, we were finally invited to play Barfly, a venue we all love. We’ve seen some great bands on that stage over the years so we were pretty pumped to get up there ourselves on the 4th for the notorious Jubilee Club night. The fact we even got the set together was a bit of a miracle. We’d already been forced to find a backup drummer with our stickman Lex on tour in the US. We turned to old friend Jonny Brister who, as an ex-Buzzard was a obvious choice. When he pulled out the Sunday before the gig we collectively shat ourselves.

Enter Toby Horton. What a consummate professional that man is. By Tuesday he was smashing the songs, which aren’t the easiest to learn in a hurry. By Wednesday any doubt about putting on a decent show had dispersed. He nailed it!

Toby, thank you for saving our feathers mate.

We’re heading back to  headline Jubilee Club on the 19th February so he must have been doing something right! Watch the man himself getting right into it…

We’d barely reset from a late one (the last band, Treehouse Party, went on at 2am… they finished with “Killing in the Name”, to the abject delight of a rat-arsed faithful) before finding ourselves in Crawley the following night with our friends from Van Susans. We played a laid-back set of acoustic arrangements to a bar-full of friendly, christmassed-up Crawlians. The contrast from the previous evening was extreme, but I think we were all content with the more relaxed vibe…and the cheap bitter.

The next week continued relentlessly in a haze of mulled cider. By the time Friday came we’d almost forgotten to sort out saturday night’s boat party gig, where we’d agreed to play a short acoustic set. Friday night was spent swilling mediocre wine and crashing through songs (without Lewis and his bass; he was up in Manchester partying just a little bit more). Arranging our own version of ‘Lithium’ took no more than 15 minutes (miraculously). Rearranging our own ‘One Stone’ took us considerably longer as I watched the boys battle with year-long gig-encrusted muscle memory.

“Is it major or minor here?”

“Erm, does it matter?”

We decided it does.

Anyway, the gig went surprisingly well! Any whiskey-infused singalong on a packed barge on the Thames is going to be a laugh, really. And there were some right good bands that followed our humble little set. Bent Ref, in particular, were awesome. Powerful, QOTSA-influenced heavy grooves, played very well and with some massive drumming. We were surprised to hear it was their last ever outing. We’re going to go out of our way to remedy that if we can. We’d proudly play alongside such potent rockers. Janissary, too, deserve a mention. As expected they rocked the boat expertly. It’s definitely not the last we’ll see of those boys!

The rest of the month was spent hunkering down on our Pledge campaign. We’re using this brilliant crowd-funding platform to raise the funds for our debut release. Our EP ‘Songs of Prey’ is in the can but needs a fair bit of PR to get it the attention we reckon it deserves. Radio plugging, pushing to blogs and cutting CD’s are just a few of the costs associated with getting the music out there. Fingers crossed we’ll hit our goal and more so we can get our first offering to as many ears as possible. The campaign goes live on the 3rd of January and will be running until the 21st March 2016. Head over to Pledge to check out what we have on offer. Anything you buy gives us a massive helping hand. From music lessons and masterclasses to live house gigs and pre-filled disposable cameras (parental advisory), we’ve got quite a bit going on. Have a look and please Pledge kindly! Even a small contribution will make a massive difference to us.

Until then Hongus

All Aboard

We’re gearing up for our gig in the Barfly on the 4th December! There’s an inexhaustible cheap guest list so just let us know if you’re coming down and we’ll get you and your friends involved. Event link:

We’re also pumped to be playing with the lads from Janissary again. We had a sweet gig with the funky prog-rockers at The Enterprise in Camden all the way back in June. One of the sweatiest gigs we’ve done, hands down. So when they said they were organising a party on a barge in Battersea we couldn’t really say no. We might be missing our drummer (Lex is on a blues tour in the USA, lucky bugger) but that won’t stop us from heading down with our acoustics and making as much noise as possible. Join us me ‘earties! Event link is here:

And of course, don’t forget…

Russ Stone


One Stone Premier

18th of September was excellent for both Buzzards and Kestrels. We premiered the music video for One Stone at 93 Feet East to a crowd of eager watchers and partied with old friends for many hours afterwards. It looked something like this:

93 feet full band

It was nice knowing at least 10 people in the audience were in the video itself. We’re really grateful to everyone who came down to record the party scene (okay, fair enough it wasn’t exactly a tall order) and of course to our main man Russ for portraying (excellently) the hallucinogenic downfall of a young Tory MP. None of it would of been possible without the incredible Ben K Adams, who worked tirelessly at every step of the production, from the first thought to the final edit. He’s a legend and we love him.

We’re buzzing to say that just this week the wonderful chaps at AAAmusic have featured the video on their site! Do check it out:


We’re proud of this video. You may know that we’re a pretty DIY band and that’s what this vid has been all about. The majority of the shoot was done in our living room down at HQ. Somehow director Ben K built a frame for a green screen AND a camera dolly from stuff he found in around the house. His creativity knows no bounds and is limited only by what you can build with a wooden palate. Luckily, they’re surprisingly versatile.

So now we’re looking forward to the official release, which is very soon indeed, and to seeing the gang again asap.

Until then Hongus

Yeovil with Funeral for a Friend and Abbey 104 Session

The Buzzard Orchestral and FFAF

Last weekend we played arguably the biggest gig of our lives to date, supporting legendary post-hardcore band Funeral for a Friend at Westlands Leisure Centre in Yeovil. We rocked out and had a mighty good party with a really responsive crowd. Thanks guys. We had a blast!

…perhaps we got involved in a pit or two after our set also as Cardinal Bay and FFAF smashed it. We won’t forget that night in a hurry. More of the same please!

Abbey 104

On Sunday morning, looking as beautiful as ever (?!), we headed to the Abbey 104 studio to have a chat with our good friend Alec Rich. He played One Stone and we recorded an exclusive acoustic version of The Brawl. There was a sheep that kept interrupting our interview. Baaaaaaaa-stard.

Much love,


Buzzard HQ. x

One Stone – Sounding loud on SoundCloud

We’re really pleased to announce that you can now hear our debut single One Stone for the first time!

It can be found on our SoundCloud page a little earlier than planned as we’ve been sending it out to radio. It’s not officially being released until September but we thought, as it’s there, we’d let you guys have a sneak preview. Please do let us know what you think! Much love,

Buzzard HQ. x

Here’s what Ola Schzmit at BBC Fresh on the Net had to say: “This was one of my personal favourites from this week’s Fresh Faves. Every time I listened, it made me feel like turning up the volume and dancing around the room. Rather than analysing the whole song, let’s just say this is a track you need to experience and jump around to. If you’re after after a musical weapon to hit when you’re out on the road – or pretty much anywhere you can imagine – this is a powerful and sexy contender! Recommended for fans of QOTSA, Mars Volta and Muse, this is strong songwriting out of the very top drawer. There’s a bright future ahead of The Buzzard Orchestral: I’m sold for one – and keen to catch them in concert! How about you?”